昔記者。平和グルメ女が日英で綴る米国LA生活。 May your dream come true soon!



David Copperfield Illusion Show 見ました♪



David Copperfield Illusion Show:
Last week on 2/16/09, we saw an illusion show of David Copperfield. He is the most popular magician in the world now.



There are discount ticket shop called, "Tix-4-Tonight" along Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas. There are 6 locations now. In February, David Copperfield was performing in Las Vegas from 2/9 to 2/18/09. We tried to get his tickets on 2/15/09, but the tickets were sold out. Next day on 2/16/09, we lined up at the ticket shop for 45 minutes and got the tickets at around $75 instead of $100 full price. Some tickets are discounted at half price, but some are just 20 to 30 percent less the face price.



The theatre is Cabarret seating for about 500 people. The shows are held at 7:30 PM and 10 PM, twice a day. For drinks, they have the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There is no minimum for drinks, but it's awkward not to order drinks.

There is a board of David Copperfield at the lobby of MGM near its casino.


You cannot keep your eyes off his illusion show from the beginning to the end. I could not tell what are his tricks. There was an escape show from a tied and locked up position, there was a show to guess the numbers 5 randomly selected audiences will pick. Also at the end large bouncing balls were thrown to the audience, and 12 people were randomly selected. Then, they all disappeared from the stage. I kept saying, "What's happening?" It was full of mysteries. There is a saying, "A picture speaks 1000 words," but I thought I might be able to find his tricks by seeing his show twice in a row on the same day.

Tour Schedule /ツアー日程:
2/27/09 Beanmont, TX
2/28/09 Abilene, TX
3/1/09 Mcallen, TX
3/5-3/18/09 MGM, Las Vegas, NV
4/2-4/22/09 MGM, Las Vegas, NV

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デビッド・カッパーフィールド on LasVegas Boom (リンク)


He will be performing at MGM in Las Vegas on specified days until end of this year. His tickets are plutinum tickets and very hard to get in Japan. It's probably easier to see him in Las Vegas.

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Bellagio Conservatory 6 Chinese New Year 温室・旧正月

 ラスベガスのベラージオホテルには、季節や行時ごとに飾りつけられた温室 がある。
先週2月16日月曜朝11時過ぎに訪れた時は、中国旧正月 (Chinese New Year)をテーマにパンダ、財宝の神様などが飾られていた。2月28日までこの飾りつけだそう。写真をアップします。

Bellagio Botanical Garden 6 "Chinese New Year"
At Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, there is a botanical garden, called "the conservatory". They decorate for each season. I uploaded several photos from my visit on 2/16/09. This time the theme was "Chinese New Year". There was a huge statue of a God who governs wealth. There were Pandas made of trees and monitors showing baby pandas in the region in China where Pandas live. The garden is open to public and free. There is a cafe at the back of this garden. This will be displayed until 2/28/09.

There were lots of huge gold coins at the bottom of the statue.

A tree forming a Cow, for a year of Cow.

Trees forming Padas in the Panda District in China.

Bogota Tower, A huge Gate, A Bridge, and Orchid Flower.

Bogota Tower, A Bridge, and Orchid Flower.

There were several TV monitors showing Baby Pandas. The DVDs were on sale.



Related Articles / 関連する記事:

This is the 6th time to post photos from the Bellagio Conservatory Garden. Here are links to the past blogs.

1) Bellagio Conservatory 1 温室1秋 9・20・07 (Link)
2) Bellagio Conservatory 2 温室2 Christmas 12/24/07 (Link)
3) Bellagio Conservatory 3 温室3 Spring 5/7/08 (Link)
4) Bellagio Conservatory 4 温室4 初夏 Early Summer 5/28/08 (Link)
5) Bellagio Conservatory 5 温室5 秋 Harvest 10/19/08 (Link)

Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: 888.987.6667



Baby Pandas on the monitor TVs were so cute. I was expecting Valentine's Day display for 2/14/09, but I did not see any of those.

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Maggiano's Little Italy 美味しいイタ飯


マッジアーノのディナー・メニュー。  Maggiano's Little Italy's Menu:
Maggiano's Little Italy:
There is an Italian restaurant called, "Maggiano's Little Italy" on the 2nd floor, North end of Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. It's pretty popular among the locals. We went there on Tuesday, 2/17/09 around 7:30 PM. We got our table after waiting for one hour. I registered my email for a free appetizer. As I researched Internet later, they have restaurants in 23 states in USA. There are 4 locations in California. It's owned by the same company that owns "Macaroni Grill" restaurants.

Italian Bread. It was warm and good.

Calamari Fritters. Fried squids.

House Salad, Small. $4.50.

Soup of the Day. In a small Cup. Zucchini and Cheese Soup.

Clam Linquine Full Size. The plate is 30 cm (12 inch) wide and 10 cm ( 4 inch) deep. It's good for 2 to 4 people.


First we were ordering another Seafood Pasta for a full size, and our waitress stopped us. She mentioned for two of us only one full size pasta will be a good size. When the Clam Linquine Pasta came out, we knew what she meant. We could not believe the volume of that pasta dish. It was so huge.

Maggiano's Little Italy@Las Vegas, NV ( Link)
3200 Las Vegas Blvd. South,
Las Vegas, NV, 89109-0722
Maggiano's Litte Italy
Located in 23 states in USA and United Kingdom

There are 4 Locations in California--South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa), Farmer's Market (Los Angeles), Woodland Hills, and San Jose. There are a lot of them in East coast.


From the patio of that restaurant, you can see Palazzo Hotel Casino. (We stayed there.)


If you join their Email List, you will get $10 coupon for next visit.
Apply it here:http://www.maggianos.com/contact/

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National Pancake Day 無料ホットケーキやタコス!

  今日2月24日は全米パンケーキ・デーでIHOP(インターナショナル・ハウス・オブ・パンケーキ)のパンケーキが無料です。全米1400店舗のIHOPで7AM から 10 PMまで。その代わりチルドレン・ホスピタルに寄付金を募っています。


IHOP miracle
National Pancake Day on 2/24/2009:
Nearly 1,400 IHOP restaurants throughout the United States will invite guests to enjoy a free short stack of IHOP’s signature buttermilk pancakes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. In return, IHOP guests are asked to donate what they would have paid for the free pancakes, or more, to their local children’s hospital or another worthy cause.

Jack-In-The-Box will also offer 2 free Tacos on 2/24/2009. You need to register your email address to received an e-coupon from the site below.


Also on 2/25/09, it will be "Katsu Curry Day" at Curry House. Katsu Curry will be $4.99 for lunch or dinner only for that day.

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http://www.hangintherejack.com/(Link, Register for an email coupon)
Fried Shrimp Curry@Curry House + Alpha 1/30/2009 (Link)


During the night TV news, they were talking which is better, "Free hotcakes or free tacos?"  Well, if you can find both of them near-by, it's probably better to get both of them.

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Sirens of TI Show TIの無料ショー

    先週ラスベガスでTI (トレジャー・アイランド)の無料ショーを見た。女性海賊が加わり新しくなってからこのショーを見たのは初めてだった。写真とビデオをアップします。

Sirens of TI Show@Las Vegas:
I saw "Sirens of TI" show for the first time last week since the show renewed with female pirates. I will upload photos and video clips from that show.



This show is not performed on high winds and rains. We saw the show from 5:30 PM on 2/15/09. It's held every 90 minutes until 10 PM. The following day, 2/16/09 was raining and there was no show.




動画1) 2分1秒

Movie 1) 2:01

動画2) 1分

Movie 2) 1 minute

動画3) 1分49秒

Movie 3) 1:49





There are firework shows, too. It's interesting as a free show. It becomes low 33 F in Las Vegas. I felt sorry for the male dancers who have to dive into cold water pond. I liked the show before renewal, too. With the new version, there are more sexy dancing with female dancers.

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Northern Trust LA Open, 石川遼 + Alpha


Nothern Trust LA Open, Ishikawa:
A 17 year-old Japanese sensation, Ryo Ishikawa, is invited to play Northern Trust LA Open Golf Tournament being held from 2/16/09 to 2/22/09 at Riviera Country Club. I hope Ryo Ishikawa will advance to the final round from Saturday, 2/21/09.

リビエラ・カントリークラブ 有名な18番ホール。
The Famous 18th Hole at Riviera Country Club.


As of Thursday, 19th, Phil Mickelson, the defending champion of 2008 tournament was leading at score of 63. Ryo Ishikawa was tie for 110th at 73.

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Nothern Trust LA Open HP (Link)
Vincent Johnson, Ryo Ishikawa do well at Riviera-LA Times (Link)


Tiger Woods declared last night that he is participating tournaments from next week. Ryo Ishikawa never saw Tiger Woods, yet. Ryo Ishikawa is also invitged to play at Master's tournament this year. I am looking forward to seeing Ryo and Tiger meeting at Master's tournament soon.




www.Restaurant.com (Link)

Extra Info:
Restaurant.com is having a 80% sale until 2/28/09. The discount code is: DINE.
If you enter this discount code at the check out screen, the amount is automatically adjusted.
For example, if you buy $25 gift certificate at $10, it will be $2. It's a great deal.
Some restaurants have restrictions such as you cannot use it on Saturday or you can use it once a month at the same restaurant.
If you take advantage of this at your favorite restaurants, you get great deals.

Update / 追記:
It looked like a one man race by Phil Mickelson, but he was trailing one shot back at 15th and 16th holes on the last day. He made a birdie on 17th hole and a par on 18th hole to win it at -15 by just one stroke. Fred Couples was charging one shot behind, but he hit his 2nd shot on the 18th hole to the right side tree. It was pretty much exciting until the end of the final round on Sunday, 2/22/09.

Ryo Ishikawa finished at 2 over on Friday's round and did not advance to the championsip round on Saturday. The cut line was -1. He was 3 shots behind. He went to Arizona for the next tournament. He is the 3rd run-up in case of absences among Japanese players. Most-likely he will not participate the tournament but he will watch Tiger Woods participate that tourmament.

This LA Open used to be called "Nissan LA Open" until a few years ago. The sponsor changed as soon as Nissan moved out of Carson city, a suburb of Los Angeles to Tennessee.




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Ah Sin@Paris, Las Vegas

  2月15日格安チケット屋「Tix 4 Tonight」で並んだけど「デービッド・カッパーフィールド」のチケットが買えず、そのチケット屋にある割引ディナー券を買った。パリス・ホテルにある「ア・ッシン」という中華、寿司、タイフードなどを融合したお店。メインディシュが半額になるとのこと。手数料は1人3ドル。2人で6ドル。午後8時の予約を取る。この半額割引券は寿司、蟹、シェフズ・スペシャルには使えない。

Ah Sin@Paris, Las Vegas:
On 2/15/09, we lined up at a booth of "Tix 4 Tonight" to get discounted tickets of "David Copperfield" show, but they were sold out. We purchased dinner tickets for "Ah Sin" instead. It's located at Paris Casinio Hotel. It is a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. With the dinner tickets, we can get main course meals at 50% off, excluding Sushi, Live Crabs and Chef's Special items. The ticket fee was $3 per person, so $6 for two of us. We made a reservation at "Ah Sin" at 8 PM.

There was a Buddha statue next to our table.

There is an open kitchen in the back. A small wonton soup was $7.

They had Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, and Tin Tao Beer. We ordered Asahi Large beer.
"Pan Fried Rock Garlic Silver Bass" was simmered in soy sauce. It was Japanese style and $25.

Mush Pork. The skin was like Mexican Tortilla. $14.


With the dinner discount tickets, Silver Bass $25 and Mush Pork $14 became a half price.
It was delicious, but very elegant and light. I wished they served more for the price.

Ah Sin (Link)
Reservations: (702) 946-4593
Cuisine: Pan Asian
Hours: Wed - Sun; 5:30pm to 10:30pm

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Femont Street Experience@Las Vegas


それはおいといて。今回初めてダウンタン・ラスベガスで毎晩繰り広げられる『フリーモント・ストリート・エクスペリエンス』ショーを見て来ました。無料です。1994年9月からFremont Street を歩行者天国にし、工事はじめ、1995年から毎晩、暗くなってから毎時間開催。時間によってコンサート内容が変わります。2月15日10PMごろ撮影の写真と動画をアップします。

I took a photo of "Downtown Las Vegas" sign from my car.
Femont Street Experience@Las Vegas:
Long time away, sorry. I visited Las Vegas. I caught a cold on the way back.

This time I saw "Femont Street Experience" in Downtown Las Vegas for the first time on 2/15/2009 from 10 PM. We got there little after 9 PM. The show is held every hour after sunset every night at the top of the hour. It's free. Glitter Gulch was closed to vehicle traffic in September, 1994 to begin construction on the Fremont Street Experience. It started from 1995. The concert content changes every hour. I will upload photos and some movie clips.



動画1)クイーン (3分28秒)

Movie 1) Queen (3:28)

動画2)クイーン (1分12秒)

Movie 2) Queen (1:12)








The show is displayed on the ceiling of Fremont Street. There were rock bands on the outside stage and there were saxphone players on the street, performing live music all night.

There are a lot of cheap eats in downtown Las Vegas. "Tony Roma" had a Steak and Lobster for $11.99. We parked our car at a self park near by. The first 3 hour was free.

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Redondo Beach-Surf & Sunset


Redondo Beach on 2/7/09. (Double-click for a slightly larger photo.)
Redondo Beach-Surf & Sunset:
On Saturday, 2/7/09, it was sunny, cool, and nice after a long rain and clouds were forming above the ocean and beach in Redondo Beach. It was a perfect day for surfing with high surf. There were a lot of surfers at the south end of Redondo Beach.


They must be surfing every day. They are very good at it. I missed the photo opportunity several times. It was not easy to take surfing photos with a zoom while it was getting darker. There were surfers from around 10 years old to surfers in 50's.

Double-click the photo for a slightly larger photo.

The sunset glow is beautiful with clouds. The sunset was around 5:30 PM.

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Redondo Pier Concerts 無料コンサート~夏の思い出2 10/7/08 (Link)


Have a great Valentine's Day weekend!

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The Biggest Loser Challenge 1 ダイエット開始!


NBC局TV放送"The Biggest Loser" ショー。第4シーズンの参加者の最終写真。
NBC TV Show, "The Biggest Loser". Final photos from the Season 4.
The Biggest Loser Challenge:
12 Volunteers at my work started "20 Week The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge." It started from 2/4/09 and will end on 6/24/09. We weigh in every Wednesday at 2 PM at work. The winner would be the one who has the highest percent weight loss (weight lost/original weight x 100). The participation fee is $20 each person and the winner gets all the money ($240).

Photo on 2/11/09. I would like to loose 27 ponds by the final, 6/24/09...!?

  この『ビゲスト・ルーザー・チャレンジ』はNBC局TV放送されている"The Biggest Loser" ショーの真似をしたものです。本物は12週間合宿状態でブートキャンプの激しいトレーニングがあります。優勝賞金は25万ドル(約2500万円)です。本物と違ってパーソナル・トレーナーは居ませんし、缶詰合宿状態でもありません。本人次第のダイエットです。

   This "Biggest Loser Challenge" is a copy cat of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" TV show. The real one is for 12 weeks. The contestants are placed in a boot camp, and there are extreme workouts by personal trainers and extreme diets. The winner gets $250,000. Our version does not have the personal trainers. There are no boot camps or extreme workouts. It's all up to the participants.

2月10日の私のランチ。 豆乳おからクッキー(60カロリー)とコーンスープ(50カロリー)。
My lunch on 2/10/09. Soy Milk Okara Cookies (60 calories) and a Corn Soup (50 calories).


There are 4 male and 8 female participants. The person with the most lost percentage was a male participant. He lost 4 ponds (about 2 KG) in a week. I lost only 0.5 ponds (200 grams). Well, I ate a lot over the weekend. I will take it easy and try little harder in 19 weeks.

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Soy Milk Okara Cookie Diet HP (Link)
大豆気分豆乳クッキー(Japanese) HP (Link)


I will post our progress from time to time. Wish me Good Luck

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Chiffon Short Cake@Casa Arigato



Chiffon Short Cake@Casa Arigato:
Last Saturday we had Dim Sum Lunch, did shopping at a mall, and strolled along South Redondo Beach by the ocean waves. After that we went to "Casa Arigato Cafe" to get some desserts. "Casa Arigato"has a Sushi Restaurant and a Cafe side by side on Avenue I in Redondo Beach. You can order sushi item at the cafe, too.

This cafe is famous for soft and delicious Chiffon cakes. They serve Italian Coffee and Espresso, Tea, traditional Japanese Green Tea, Sandwich, and other meals. This time my friend J got two Berry Berry Roll cakes and 1 Strawberry Chiffon Short Cake for us. We took them to go and ate at my place in Redondo Beach.

Chiffon Short Cake
Strawberry Chiffon Short Cake


We split these cakes in halves. Both of us tried both kinds.
We liked Chiffon Short Cake better than Berry Berry Roll Cake.Chiffon Short Cake was delicious.

Casa Arigato(Link)
215 Avenue I,
Redondo Beach 90277
Casa Arigato Dessert Menu (Link)


I had a traditional Japanese "Macha green tea" served by an owner lady of this cafe in May 2003. Since then, I got interested in traditional Japanese tea ceremony and "Macha green tea." I even started to take a Ceramics class to make tea bowls for Japanese tea ceremony. It's very nice to sit at outside patio and have desserts and tea or coffee at this cafe, too. I visited this cafe many times, but I did not write about this cafe, yet.

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Valentine's Day バレンタインデー★ギフトあれこれ



St Valentine's Day Gifts:
St.Valentine's Day is just around the corner on 2/14/09. In Japan, it's a day girls give chocolates to boys. In USA, it's a day a man gives gifts to his girlfriend or wife, or a couple exchanges gifts.

The popular gifts are Red Rose bouquets, Chocolates, Jewelry, Perfume, lingerie, and etc.

Godiva Chocolates. They had Valentine's Limited Release Chocolates.


Last Saturday, there was a sign saying, "Buy 2 get 3rd Free" by these heart chocolates at Godiva shop in South Bay Galleria. I bought 3 small ones, but there was no discount. Monday night, I went there and asked about it, they said the small ones will not qualify for that discount. Tuesday night I went back there again and returned them ($.5.50 X 3 = $16.50) and got 3 Heart to Heart chocolates ($13 X 2 =$26 and 1 free).

Victoria's Secret. They had Heart shaped boxes to box lingerie, cosmetics, perfume, and etc.


As I researched Internet, "Valentine's Day"has become the day women give chocolates to men in Japan and Korea. In Korea, the guys who did not receive chocolates on Valentine's Day eat "Jar-jar noodle" on April 14. They have an event called, "Black Day." That's interesting.

Related Links:
Valentine's Day on Wikipedia(Link)
Recession won't sour Valentine's (Japan Times)(Link)
Happy Valentine's Day(Link)

バレンタインデー スタイル(特集)(リンク)


In USA it's romantic when a guy says, "Be My Valentine," or "You Are My Valentine" on Valentine's Day. In Japan, it's a day all guys want chocolates even from coworkers. It's called "Giri-Choco (Chocolates given as courtesy). It could be little hectic that day.

Update / 追記

ゴディバチョコ ハート・ツー・ハート14個入り。2つ買うと3つ目は無料。
Godiva Chocolate "Heart to Heart" 14 pieces. Buy 2 Get 3rd Free.


Tuesday night on February 10th, I went back there again and exchanged 3 small heart chocolates to 3 large Heart to Heart chocolates with 14 heart chocolates. It was $13 each. I got 1 free. Oh, No...., I am on "Biggest Loser Competition" diet right now. What shall I do with these chocolates? I will write about this diet later.


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Dim Sum@Sea Empress 飲茶ならココ。


中国旧正月の飾りがまだ残ってました。/There was a display for Chinese New Year.
Dim Sum@Sea Empress Seafood Restaurant:   
We went to Sea Empress Seafood in Gardena for Dim-sum lunch on 2/7/09 for the first time several months. They serve "Dim Sum" 7 days a week from morning to afternoon. We did not go there during Chinese New Year on purpose, because it gets crowded. It was 1/26/09 this year and celebrated for a week. They accept reservations 1 day or more in advance. This time we went there without reservation, and we were seated in about 7 minutes. (It was 60 minute wait during peak hours last year.)






The Right Above photo is "Shao Long Bao (Juicy Pork Dumpling).

Several carts with Dim Sum items come around your tables. You pick the items you like to eat. We had Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Pork Dumplings, Sticky Rice in Lotus Leave, Boiled Chinese Broccoli, and etc. We asked a manager to bring us "Shao Long Bao"(Juicy Pork Dumplings), because the carts did not have it.

Maybe because I was taking photos, the manager was very good to us. He brought new clean plates and fill up our tea pot even before we asked.

This restaurant opened more than 10 years ago as a branch of "Empress Pavilion Restaurant" in China Town, Los Angeles. We like cooking and service of this restaurant better than "Empress Pavilion." There are several Chinese restaurants that serve "Dim Sum" along PCH in Lomita, but I like this restaurant the best in South Bay Area of Los Angeles.

The location used to be "Kawafuku Restaurant." "Kawafuku" had a large room for more than 200 customers and other rooms. It was one of the largest Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles, but it closed it's 25 plus year history.

Friend J and Lisaky. We ate a lot. There were Peking Duck on the right cart.

It stopped raining around 9 AM. Sun was shining through clouds and beautiful.
Sea Empress Seafood Restaurant
1636 West Redondo Beach Blvd.
Gardena, California 90247
Tel: (310) 538-6868


They also have Lunch Special and Dinner menu. You will find live lobsters, Shrimps, Fish, Crabs in aquariums in the restaurant. They are used for cooking.



Extra Info.:
The "Book Off"Los Angeles store located at the same Pacific Square Mall is having a 20% off Sales (Except for $1 books and $3 CDs) until 2/28/09. "Book Off" Rolling Hills store in Torrance is having the same sale from 1/30/09.



It's been raining in Los Angeles since last Thursday. Last Saturday it stopped raining around 9 AM in South Bay area, and it turned out to be a nice weather. It rained in Orange County until afternoon, though.... It will be raining on and off until Tuesday or Wednesday.

It's often sunny with perfect blue sky in LA. I am attracted to 'clouds after rain.'

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Sea Empress Seafood 海皇海鮮酒家 7/7/2008 (Link)

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Tin Roof Merlot 2005 安くて美味な赤ワイン


Tin Roof Merlot 2005 Wine:
I will introduce "Tin Room Merlot 2005" wine that we tasted a few days ago. It was smooth and easy to drink. It has been stored in our wine rack for a long time. Probably somebody gave that to me as a gift. As I researched Internet, it is sold around $13. Wine Enthusiast magazine gave 90 points.

It goes well with Beef, Chicken, Pasta, and probably anything.


ワイン・メーカーのノート[ 和訳 ]:(リンク)

Tin Roof 2005 Merlot was produced from a blend of North Coast and Central Coast grapes. Merlot thrives in these cool-climate regions, especially in moist alluvial soils where it develops the bright fruit and soft tannins that make the variety so appealing to premium wine lovers.

Winemaker’s notes:(Link)
“Our 2005 Merlot offers ripe, luscious black cherry and plum fruit aromas and flavors characteristic of the Merlot variety, enhanced by hints of tobacco, herbal spice and chocolate. With smooth, supple tannins and a long, rich finish, it pairs especially well with grilled red meats, herb-roasted chicken, pork chops, red-sauced pastas and flavorful hard cheeses.”

Tin Roof Cellars (Link)
Administrative Office (no public tasting at this time)
425 Aviation Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Tel:866-456-4TIN (846)

Related Links /関連するリンク:
Tin Roof Wine Cellars HP (Link)
Tin Roof 2005 Merlot, on Wine.com(Link)
Tin Roof Wine Cellars on WebWire.com(Link)


They also make Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah–Cabernet Sauvignon. I am looking forward to tasting another variety of wine from Tin Roof Cellars. It seems it's sold at a lot of liquor stores and markets, including Costco.

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South Coast Botanical Garden 1 春です♪


満開の桃の花  /Flowering Peach in Full Bloom
South Coast Botanical Garden:
In Palos Verdes, there is a quiet and relaxing botanical garden, "South Coast Botanical Garden." Plum, Peach, and Cherry blossom in February and March. Blooming depends on the weather. So, I usually visit there often from February to check it out. I will upload photos taken last year on 3/16/08.

Ducks and squirrels were playing at the pond in the back. Sometimes Turtles are sun-basing.

There is a Wisteria tree, little distance from the pond. It's blooming beautifully.

"Blue Hibiscus" from Australia

This Plum tree was a late bloomer. In early February, there would have been more plum trees blooming.


We found "Beni Hoshi Sakura Cherry" blooming, although most of Pink Cloud Sakura Cherry trees's flowers are gone and turned to fresh green leaves. It was donated by Japanese Horticultural Society or something. The tree grew very well. "Beni Hoshi" means "Red Star." The flower looks like that. We found it back of the Cactus Garden in the middle of the botanical garden. Pink Cloud Sakura Cherry trees can be found along the left fences that surround the botanical garden. Some of them can be seen from Crenshaw Blvd. They bloom between mid February and beginning of March.

Beni Hoshi Sakura Cherry

South Coast Botanical Garden
26300 Crenshaw Boulevard
Palos Verdes Peninsula, California 90274
tel: (310) 544-1948


I visit here often since year 2000. The admission is $7 for Adult, $5 for Student and Senior (62 & up), and etc. The annual membership is available. Family Pass (2 Adults and Children under 18) is $50. Individual Adult pass is $30, and etc. Admission fees cannot be used as income tax deductible, but annual membership can be used as income tax deduction as a charitable donation. For detail of membership, please refer to botanical garden's HP (Link).


I plan to visit here again in mid February, this month.
Probably I will be uploading photos of Plum, Peach, and Cherry with full bloom.

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Cherry Blossom, Torrance, CA 桜 さくら 3/25/08(Link)
Cherry Blossom, LA, CA さくら 桜 3/20/08(Link)


There are other locations you can view cherry blossom in Los Angeles, such as Columbia Park in Torrance and Balboa Park in Encino. Please look at the articles above for details and photos.

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The Loft February Special 10周年記念定食♪


Loft Feb Spe
The Loft February Special Lunch&Dinner Plates:
The Loft Hawaiian Restaurant at Torrance location is having 10 year Special Lunch and Dinner Plates on Monday to Thursday at $5.95 Lunch or $6.95 Dinner between 2/2/09 and 2/26/09. My coworker forwarded a flyer to me and others last Friday. If you were thinking you could not go to Lunch, you can go there for Dinner this time.

Photo Taken in January (for a reference).
The Loft@Torrance:
23305 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505

週替わり特別定食 /Weekly Special Plates:
*この中から1品選択/ Choose From These Entrees:

1) 2/2 to 2/5/09:
アイランド風鶏のから揚げ定食 / Island Style Fried Chicken Plate
ポーク・スペアリブ定食/ Pork Spare Rib Plate
鶏の照り焼き定食/ Chicken Teriyaki Plate
ハワイのチリ丼/ Hawaiian Chili Bowl

2) 2/9 to 2/12/09:
アイランド風鶏のから揚げ定食 / Island Style Fried Chicken Plate
カルア・ポーク定食/ Kalua Pork Plate
ビーフ照り焼き定食/ Beef Teriyaki Plate
ハリハリ・チキン定食/ Hali Hali Chicken Plate

2) 2/19 to 2/19/09:
アイランド風鶏のから揚げ定食 / Island Style Fried Chicken Plate
チキン・カツ定食/ Chicken Katsu Plate
韓国風ビーフ焼肉定食/ Korean BBQ Beef Plate
ロコ・モコ定食/ Loco Moco Plate

4) 2/23 to 2/26/09:
アイランド風鶏のから揚げ定食 / Island Style Fried Chicken Plate
ハナマウル・クリスピー・チキン定食/ Hanamaulu Crisp Chicken Plate
中華チキン・サラダ/ Full Chinese Chicken Salad
ビーフ・カレー丼/ Beef Curry Bowl

*Served with Miso Soup and your choice of 3:
Steamed Rice, Macaroni Salad, Ramen Cabbage Salad, Stir Fried Vegetable.
(Brown Rice Available at + 50 cents.)


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The Loft Restaurant@Torrance 10周年感謝バフェ 1/13/09(Link)
The Loft Lunch Buffet 終了まじか 1/28/09(Link)


When they were having "10 year Special Appreciation Buffet (all-you-can eat)" in January, there were some big fellows staying there for hours to eat as much as they could. This time they don't have to worry about that, because it's not buffet.

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Superbowl Party@Mark's 豪華宅でパーティー♪


ランチョ・パロス・バーデス ポチュギーズ・ベンド。ガラスの教会近く。
Portuguese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes. Near Wayfare's Glass Chapel.
Superbowl Party@Mark's House 2009:
We went to a Superbowl party at Mark's house on Sunday, 2/1/2009. My friend YB knows Mark very well. She was invited. I and another friend, MA, accompanied her like we did last year. Mark's house is located in a secluded community gate in Portugese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. The community gate will open only with a valid password or buzzer by a resident for each house.

We found Mark's house about 5 minutes driving from the community gate.


We drove and climbed a hill for another 5 minutes from the gate, and there was a gated vacant lot to park upto 100 cars. Mark's house was in the back of the parking lot.

Mark's House



This time, it was potluck party. I made"Inari sushi" and brought them. My friend YB copied my idea and made "Inari sushi" and brought them. My friend MA bought "Inari and Maki sushi" at Sakae Sushi Take-out shop and brought them.

You might wonder "Why Inari sushi?" American call "Football" for "Inari sushi," because Inari sushi's color and shape are similar to the ball of "Football."

Food brought for Potluck party.


They were barbequing Beef Rib Eye Stake, Sausage, Baby Back Ribs, Chicken Patti, and etc. on the BBQ Grill set at the patio in the back yard. The smokes were floating and appealing to appetites.

A part of Food barbequed on the BBQ Grill at a patio in the back yard.


A portion of Desserts and Drink in the backyard.

For desserts, cupcakes with "NFL Superbowl 43" decoration was colorful. There were Strawberries, Blue Berries, and other fruits, Creme Puffs that my friend MA brought, and others.
For drinks, there was a Draft Beer in barrel, Margarita, Wine (About 100 bottles of Red and White wine in a wine cellar), Tequila, Gin, Vodka, Soda, Lemonade, and etc.

You can view Pacific Ocean from the back yard. There is a house for a maid, too.


As we took a walk in the back yard, there was a house for their maid. The view of Pacific Ocean was beautiful.

The sunset was beautiful. Catalina Island appeared. There was a telescope, too.


Pittsburgh Steelers were leading the game with 17 to 7 lead until the half time. I thought they will win easily, but the game was exciting until the very end. Both teams scored. Arizona Cardinals were leading at 23 to 20 in the last 2 and half minutes. And in the last 35 seconds, Pittsburgh Steelers won the championship at 27 to 23. It was very interesting and said to be the best or second best game of the NFL Superbowl history.

Even the Toilet Paper said "Pittsburgh Steelers" Mark must be cheering for them.


The potluck party turned out great, and it was fun. There were about 9 TV screens outside and inside. There were probably about 120 participantes. No professional players came this time, except Brad, a son of my friend YB.

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Super Bowl NFL site / スーパーボールNFLのサイトLink)
Yahoo Sports/NFL Playoff Site (Link)
NFL Japan 日本NFL公式サイトリンク)

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