昔記者。平和グルメ女が日英で綴る米国LA生活。 May your dream come true soon!

白光・世界平和★ World Peace Prayer, Midori Sensei

Ms. Midori Urano, a lecturer of Byakko is visiting USA from 7-17-2013 and giving us her world peace lectures on 7-27 and today, 7-28-2013 at Byakko Los Angeles Branch office in Gardena, CA.

Ms. Midori Urano


Midori Sensei_072713w浦野みど里先生
Ms. Midori Urano

"Our souls came down to the earth to save the earth. More and many people pray and perform Ins for world peace, the earth will be peaceful. The effects of universal Gods will be different if you pray or wish for world peace.". Midori gave us very detailed and high energy lecture yesterday. There will be another her lecture starting from 1 pm today.

Murakami DR筑波大学名誉教授・村上和雄 祈りとは「生命の宣言」である






Professor Kazuo Murakami "Prayers are 'Declaration of Life'"

Midori Angel_072613wHistory-making event brings calls for interfaith unity, prayers for peace.
On February 14, 2013, a very special event was held at the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York, entitled United for a Culture of Peace through Interfaith Harmony. It featured a history-making ceremony: a Symphony of Peace Prayers held at the United Nations for the very first time.
The event, part of the celebrations for World Interfaith Harmony Week, was hosted by H.E. Mr. Vuk Jeremić, President of the UN General Assembly, along with UNESCO and the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations, and was sponsored or supported by a number of permanent UN missions from various countries. Mr. Jeremić and UN Deputy Secretary-General H.E. Ambassador Jan Eliasson offered opening remarks, after which eight well-respected figures in international diplomacy and interfaith collaboration offered their own messages of peace and harmony.
In the second part of the event, Masami Saionji, Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai, the World Peace Prayer Society, and the Goi Peace Foundation, introduced the Symphony of Peace Prayers, explaining its history and significance. She emphasized the role of prayer and the wonderful opportunity that the SOPP offers us to gather in peace while celebrating the diversity of faiths and traditions.
“Prayer is love. It is light, power, and the energy for regeneration. Prayer helps awaken the path of divinity within each human being. That is why I had the vision to start the Symphony of Peace Prayers, so that each and every human being can unite in prayer to create a grand symphony together.”


MU2150w天使雲 / Angel Clouds

Angel clouds I saw around the sunset on 7-26-2013. I've seeing angel clouds almost every day since 5-7-2013. I also see dragon clouds almost every day from 7-8-2013 in the sky.

Photo at Byakko Head Office, Mt. Fuji

7/28 Sun. 1pm ~ 3pm 世界平和を祈る会と浦野講師特別講演会 @ ロス支部道場
World Peace Prayer and Midori's seminar @Byakko LA

7/28 Sun. 4pm~6pm 浦野講師を囲んでの座談会 @ロス支部道場 
Q & A sessions with Ms. Midori Urano Ace

Byakko LA Dojou (白光LA道場):
15000 S Western Ave., Gardena, CA 90249

Fee: Free or $5 donation


*It's O.K. to attend one of the seminars ( 1 pm to 3 pm) or Q&A sessions (4 pm to 6 pm) only, if you are tied up.

http://www.byakko.or.jp/ (Japanese site)
http://www.byakko.org/ (English site)

May Peace Prevail On Earth!


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マクロ美オティック★ Macrobiotic Healing Class 1

2月10日、マクロ美オティック・レムディードリンク第一回目英語版を受講。講師は鈴木草千さん。場所はベニスの「Seed Kitchen」にて。クラスはランチ混み(デザート、飲み物別)で$32でした。
( Winter Seitan Bowl @Seed Kitchen $12.95 ↓ )
Macrobiotic Healing Class: Sanae Suzuki hosted the first Macrobiotic Healing for Woman class at Seed Kitchen on Feb. 10, 2013. This class included a Remedy Drink and lunch (soup, salad, desserts and drinks are not included) for $32. She will do this every month, for Japanese (first Sunday) and for English (second or third Sunday) until June. I attended the English version.


SK0016wThe theme of February was "Nourishing winter organ - kidney before spring comes and How to have a perfect bowels everyday."

2-10-2013, Sunday 10 am - 12 pm
1.Remedy Drink
Nourishing winter organ - kidney before spring comes
How to have a perfect bowels everyday

2.Nine Star Ki prediction of 2013
Nine Star Ki (Kyu Sei Ki) is Japanese form of astrology. There are recommendations concerning space and location, but they are simple and, usually, secondary. Nine Star Ki is also utilized for diagnosis, by some macrobiotic & traditional practitioners.

3.New Moon Wishes
Learn how to write and make your wishes on New Moon.


#1: 2月3日(日)10〜12時
マクロビオティック的に今年がどのような年になるかお話をして紹介。ご自分の 健康とライフ・スタイルのゴールの作り方をお手伝いします。
♦2月の新月の願い事(新月2月10日午前5時21分LA Time)
水瓶座のエネルギーを学んで課題を決めて 願い事をかけ夢の叶え方を勉強。




SK0027wThe remedy drink was made of Azuki Bean Soup soaked over night and cooked for 20 minutes and grated and strained raw Lotus Roots. It's recommended to drink 1 to 2 cups at a time, first thing in the morning or around 3 pm when you are hungry. It will nourish the organs exhausted during Winter, help detoxing excess holiday food and mucus. It will help regulate good bowl movements, too.



SK0039wAfter the lecture on Remedy Drink, we ordered lunch. While lunch is being prepared, we wrote "New Moon Wishes" on a sheet of paper or on our notebooks.

I ordered "Winter Seitan Bowl", the top photo. They had "Holiday Bowl" with Cranberry Sauce in November and December. Due to popular demands, they are keeping it as "Winter Seitan Bowl" with Mango Salsa Sauce as one of the Special menus for a limited time.


Sanae Suzuki is explaining about the remedy drink with a Lotus Root in her hand.

Azuki Beans and Lotus Root Tea


We tasted it little bit. It has natural sweetness and delicious. I can drink this without effort.

Delicious Macrobiotic Desserts and Pastries made by chef Eric. All made without using sugar and dairy products.



Two people left right away. We took a group photo of the class.

SK0044wMacrobiotic Healing for Women:
#2) 3-17-2013 Sunday 10 am - 12 pm
Spring Allergy:Use detoxing

#3) 4-21-2013 Sunday 10 am - 12 pm
Spring Organs, Healing for Liver and gallbladder, eyes, nails, bad breadth, moisture of hands and feet

#4) 5-12-2013 Sunday 10 am - 12 pm
Female Hormone Part 1

#5) 6-9-2013 Sunday 10 am - 12 pm
Female Hormone Part 2

Please sign-up at Meetup link or contact Sanae Suzuki at loveericinc@gmail.com

2月3日より、毎月1回、Veniceの「Seed Kitchen」で 「わくわく陽子企画」共催、マクロビオティック教育専門家・鈴木草千さんによる、コミュニティークラス“マクロ美オティックで美しく内面から癒す”が開催されています。

Place:Seed Kitchen
1604 Pacific Ave.,Venice, CA 90291
3.3月の新月の願い事(新月3月11日午後5時52分 LA Time)
  魚座のエネルギーを学んで課題を決めて 願い事をかけ夢の叶え方を勉強し

  春の臓器、 肝臓と胆嚢をいたわる:目、爪、口臭、手と足の湿り 
3.4月の新月の願い事 (新月4月10日午前7時36分LA Time)
  牡羊座のエネルギーを学んで課題を決めて 願い事をかけ夢の叶え方を勉強

3.5月の新月の願い事 (新月5月9日午後10時29分LA Time)
  牡牛座のエネルギーを学んで課題を決めて 願い事をかけ夢の叶え方を勉強 

3.6月の新月の願い事 (新月6月8日午後1時58分LA Time)
  双子座のエネルギーを学んで課題を決めて 願い事をかけ夢の叶え方を勉強





ビーガン、マクロビオティック季節のレシピ料理本「Love, Eric & Sanae」を2008年に夫でありフレンチマクロビオティック・シェフである、エリック・レシャソーと共著。その後彼女のヒーリングとマクロビオティックの道のりに焦点をあてたエッセイとビーガン、マクロビオ ティック・ヒーリングレシピの料理本「Love, Sanae」を2009年に出版 。

夫エリックと一緒にオープンしたオーガニック・ビーガン・マクロビオティックカフェ「Seed Kitchen」にてビーガンとマクロビオティックに興味がある人を対象に語らいの場所、コミュニティークラスを毎月継続中。
手作りのオーガニックのお茶(柿茶、ラベンダー茶)そしてオーガニック美肌プロダクト、ラベンダー・ハンドソープ、レモン食器洗いソープ、オレンジ・キッチンスプレーなどを「seed kitchen」で発売中。


Join Sanae Suzuki and 5 other Vegan Macrobiotic Coomunity at "Macrobiotic Life Style Support Meeting"
2-20-2013 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
at Seed Kitchen, Venice, CA

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祝4周年★ Seeds Kitchen, Venice 11-13-12
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マクロビ合宿1★ Vegan Dinner, North Fork Retreat 1 1-7-12

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バシャール マヤ暦最終日★ Bashar Live 12-21-2012

Bashar1221 02c
"Bashar Channeling on 12-21-2012" was held from 7:30 pm in Studio City, north suburb of Los Angeles. We participated it via "Live video streaming" this time.





Bashar1221 01cThe "Live video streaming" through Ustream kept freezing and cutting off several times. I will sum up the Bashar's live streaming for the portions I could hear.

12-21-2012 is the transition (of the ascension). Whether you can go up there or not depends on how you can let go of "ideas of resistance," letting go of definitions that hold you back.

It doesn't matter what ideas, concepts, belief you had for this date. It's new round, new frequency. You have the opportunity to truly clarify for you what is the true you. You have the opportunity to take advantage the focused energy (of 12-21-2012).

Bashar1221 03cAny negative believes you are holding on to. Dive down what are not you. You've been carrying back, being held down, perceptions to not align with true vibrations. Pose and redefine to whatever you prefer. Use your imagination, higher mind mirror.



Bashar1221 04cBy investing and appreciating the every moment happens in your life, because nothing happens by action, you've known this deep down in your heart. You're worthy of creation. You're worthy of your dreams and you joy, explosion of ecstasy. It is your opportunity. Only thing you need to discover unknown is yourself.



You can choose to be happy. Thus, if you're experiencing ideas of unhappiness, that's because you choose to. Choose something else. God's will is actually your will. Your will is God's will, because God is everything. God is all that is. You are made from God.


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バシャール体験★ Bashar LA, 11-11-11 11-14-11

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米谷ふみ子講演会★ Fumiko Kometani Seminar

"Fumiko Kometani" , a writer, held a seminar, "Something should be done before the end of the Earth." on July 11, 2012 at New Gardena Hotel in Gardena, sponsored by SBMS. Sorry for my late upload.




KF0885wMs. Kometani was born in Osaka, Japan. The Second Sino-Japanese War (July 7, 1937 – September 2, 1945) started when Ms. Kometani was 6 years old. She lived under Fascism for 9 years. The moto was "Luxury is our enemy!" She ate Wheat Rice, Soy Beans, and Dried Sardines.

1945年に広島と長崎に原爆投下。14歳で鳥取に2ヶ月疎開。大阪で空襲の焼け野原を歩いた。翌日は黒い雨が降る。死体をたくさん見た。それが忘れられない。→ 反戦。

United States dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Before that during the war, she escaped from Osaka to Tottori for 2 months when she was 14. While she lived in Osaka, she walked the burnt fields in Osaka and saw thousands of dead bodies. US dropped thousands of bombs in many cities and towns in Japan every day for over 3 years. She cannot forget the scenes of the burnt towns and the dead bodies. → She became anti war.

Bikini island2ビキニ島でアメリカが何度も水爆の実験をしていた。フランス、イギリス、ロシア、中国も。(ビキニ島で1946年から1958年にかけ、アメリカが23回核実験を行った。)日本に放射能の雨が降る。「それを辞めてくれ!」という人が誰も居なかった。宗教家も。

On Bikini Island, US repeatedly conducted Hydrogen Bomb tests. France, United Kindom, Russia, and China followed. (USA conducted 23 Hydrogen Bomb test on Bikini Island between 1946 and 1958.) Black rain full of the radiation poured in Japan. Nobody including religious leaders said, "Stop the nuke tests."
She thought, "It's best to inform the public what happened honestly in order to abolish Nuke bomb testing."

Linus Paulingライナス・カール・ポーリング(Linus Pauling)、バートランド・ラッセル、この2人だけは核に反対していた。

B RussellOnly Linus Pauling and Bertrand Russell were expressing their opposition to nukes.
Nuclear bomb testing was conducted restlessly in Nevada. The radiation spread through wind to many parts of United States, and cancer patients increased. Between 1951 and 1958, many cases of thyroid cancer occurred in Montana, Utah, Idaho, and South Dakota.


She came to (New Hampshire,) United States as an abstract painter in 1960. She got married. Her younger son was autistic and brain damaged and prevented her from painting. She started to write her complaints on notebooks. You will see the back of the society if you have a handicapped child. Media was all lies. Education, teachers, and medical doctors were all untrue. You can tell the lies right away. She was able to judge the person by looking at them.


In 2001, right after 9-11 attack, US sent military troops to Afghanistan. US deployed military force to Iraq in early 2002. At a local Los Angeles church, a 92 year old grandpa borrowed a church hall by paying $500 and held a anti nuke meeting. Twenty five people attended. I was one of them.


集英社の編集長(2年前)は、「日本の若い人は核に興味ないので売れません。」 → 出版されなかった。

At the meeting, that 92 year old guy said, "Please inform the ignorant people about the cruelty of the nukes."

She wrote and made a text book, "I told You So." But the editor in chief at Shuei company refused to publish the book 2 years ago saying, "

Japanese young people are not interested in nukes, so the book will not sell."
Last year (2011), the book was published in May by Kamogawa Bookstore. In order to save peace of the earth, all world leaders should know the cruelty of the nukes.

Nuke plants Japan自分が日本を出てから、50年で55基原発が建った。1基は最初から閉じたまま。




She left Japan 50 years ago. During 50 years, 55 nuclear power plants were built in Japan. One of them has remained closed from the beginning.

There are 104 nuclear power plants in USA. Nukes are dangerous. Why they did not connect the danger with Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs?

It is stupid to boil water with such a dangerous and complex method and to produce electricity. In Japan only 20% of the electricity generated from nuclear power plants were used.

It cost 17 billion dollars to build Monjyu nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, Japan. Japan built 55 of them, so it roughly cost 935 billion dollars.

Solar Power自分の家は10年前に太陽光パネルを付けた。洗濯乾燥機が電力しか使えないので。市が援助金を4分の3出した。自費が4000ドル。5−6年で元が取れた。曇った日でも、電気は作れる。ドイツ、スイスでも多く使われてる。


She installed Solar panels on the roof of their house 10 years ago. The reason was the laundry dryer could only use electricity. The city paid 3 quarters of the cost. The out of pocket expense was $4,000. The cost was returned in 5 to 6 years. Solar panels generate electricity even on cloudy days. They are commonly used in Germany and Swiss.

She lived in Nagoya, Japan in 1960's. Solar panel installation was very popular in Nagoya. Later it reduced due to nuclear power plants.
Dan Hersey, a former UCLA professor said, "It costs 2 times more to destroy than to build a nuclear power plant."

Bikini island wideフランスの原発は全部漏れてる。1つだけ漏れているというのはウソ。全部同じメーカーの原発。

All nuclear power plants in France are leaking radiation. They say only one of them is leaking, but it's a lie, because all of them were built by the same maker.
There are 430 nuclear power plants in the world. There are 104 in USA, 55 in Japan, and 50 in France.
Japanese government received nuclear accidents for 863 times between 1965 and 1974.


Evacuation drills are absolutely necessary. They should distribute Iodine right away as well.
In 1990, Asahi Journal turned down her previous book with a reason,
"Japan Newspaper Association promised Japanese government not to write criticism of nuclear power plants."

Kometani_book革命を起こすしかない → 1人ずつ話して説き伏せていくこと。日本政府は「風評被害」という。


"We must start a revolution." → We need to persuade one by one by talking about it.

If you talk about the radiation danger, Japanese government say, "Fuhyo-higai", financial damage caused by harmful rumours or misinformation.
Mr. Michio Kaku who appeared on CNN and Democracy Now (Channel 58) affirmed "There is only one way to solve Fukushima radiation problem. That is the same way as Chernobyl, stone coffin."

Santa Susanaカリフォルニアで核の危険があるところは、シミバレーのサンタスザーナ野外実験所。軍用地に小さな原発が11基ある。1959年に原発から放射能とナトリウム酸が漏れ、スリーマイル原発事故より酷かった。(スリーマイル原発事故発生は1979年。)この原発事故は軍事機密として隠蔽された。


There are nuclear dangers in California, too. Especially there are 11 small nuclear power plants at Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Simi Valley. In 1959, radiation and sodium hypochlorite leaked from the power plants. It was much worse than Three Mile nuclear accident. (Three Mile nuclear accident occurred in 1979.) Santa Susana Nuclear reactors were built in US Military land, so the accidents were covered-up and never reported to the public.

In 1970's, there were many cancer patients and cancer deaths in the area. The residents got angry and claimed it to EPA. In 1990, there was a newspaper article that US Government will clean up the radiation at Santa Susana Field Laboratory, but they never did and left them as they were.

San Onofre他にサンディエゴより少し北部のサン・オノフレー原発、サンルイスオビスポのディアブロ原発、マリブ北部ミサイル基地が近くにあるポイントマグー。

Besides this one, there are San Onofre Nuclear Generatin Station little north of San Diego, Diablo Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo, and Point Magu Missle Base in northern Malibu in California and they are dangerous.


If a nuclear power plant accident occurs in USA, there will be more harm and danger than Fukushima, because there are more nuclear wastes accumulated around the nuclear power plants in USA.



All nuclear power plants in the world should be closed.

Bertrand Russell said, "Inform and educate the general public about the danger of nuclear, in order to stop use of nuclear." Ms. Kometani's actions can be summarized by Russell's statement.



I asked Ms. Kometani, "I would like to help you with your anti-nuke activities. How can I join your group?" She replied, "I'm doing it by myself. I prepare photo panels and documentary films and talk with high school or college history teachers and ask them to assign a few students to do the anti-nuke event at school. I will lend you the materials (of Nagasaki atomic bomb). Why don't you do your own school events in your local area?"

I would like to start my own anti-nuke (peace) activities within my capacity.

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長崎 原爆の跡★ Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki 4 6-16-11
長崎平和祈念★ Peace Park, Nagasaki 5 8-5-11
広島原爆ドーム★ Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome 8-6-12

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断捨離LA★ Danshari, De-clutter Seiminar

"Danshari" Organizing seminar by Hideko Yamashita was held on Oct.7, 2012 from 10 am to 12 pm at Double Tree Inn Hotel in Torrance, a suburb of Los Angeles. There were more than 200 attendants.

断捨離 Danshari – “de-clutter.”
The three kanji in this compound mean “refuse – throw away – separate.”
Self-help author Hideko Yamashita, drawing on yoga philosophy, promotes a three-step system for de-cluttering one’s life (both physical and mental) in Japan:
1) refuse to bring unnecessary new possessions into your life;
2) throw away existing clutter in your living space; and
3) separate from a desire for material possessions.



DS4195wやましたひでこ さんと
with Hideko Yamashita







I got her autograph on her book.

During her 90 minute seminar, she explained "facing the cluttered things is facing yourself and your attachment," "Danshari, De-clutter, is organizing your thoughts," "Looking at the relationships with the cluttered things and yourself," "the relationship between you and current cluttered things, " and "How to face your innerself" in details with easy to understand examples. A 30 minute Q&A session followed.

Danshari refers not just to physical clutter, but also to mental and emotional clutter. It holds the promise that once you’ve disposed of the excess and the unnecessary, you’ll have the space, time, and freedom to live more fully. You will only have things you like and you need.

What will you do, when you invite somebody important to you to your house?

You will clean up your house, use expensive tea cups, silver wears, and plates, and entertain that guest. The guest feels he or she was welcomed.

Please do entertain yourself the same way.

Cuisine by Yushima Kitchen



In her book, "Danshari~Mind and Body," Yushima Kitchen's recipes were introduced. The owner, Yoshiko Hondo was at the LA seminar. Yoshiko came to LA from Tokyo as a tour guide for Hideko.

In this book, it introduced 4 or 5 retreat centers in Japan, an Interview by Tentsukuman, Advice from Shinpei Onokoro, and lots more articles about body and mind.

Her books "See and Understand Danshari" and "Danshari~Mind and Body" were sold at the seminar at $12.50 each.

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てんつくマンが来た★ Tentsukuman@LA Live 12-13-11

Hideko Yamashita "Danshari" Separate from Attachment to Material


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山元加津子講演会★ Kakko-chan came to LA

"Kakko-chan came to LA": Kakko-chan, Ms. Katsuko Yamamoto who is called 'Japanese Mother Teresa' came to Los Angeles. There was her seminar and a screening of the new movie, "I Will Blaze A New Trail" from 6:30 pm on August 2, 2012. Ms. Katsuko Yamamoto is a special education teacher in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. She helped and touched so many people's lives and souls.

数年前に上映された映画1/4の奇跡~本当のことだからで、 “ひとりひとりの大切さ”を語ってくださいました。

She has dealt with children who were anencephalic, born without brains. or children with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or others with handicaps. Several of them could not speak when she met, but they gradually started to talk. She learned a lot of things from these children.
The movie, "The Miracle Of The Gifted Quarter" was released some years ago. In the movie, she talked about the important roll of each person in the world, including those handicapped children.


The movie, "I Will Blaze A New Trail" is in Japanese with English subtitles. It was the world premier in Los Angeles on August 2. It will be released in Japan next month. It is about Toshiya Miyata, a special education teacher, co-worker, and a friend of Kakko-chan, who suffered a brain stem hemorrhage on 2/20/2009, and he was not expected to survive at that time. Kakko-chan did not give-up on him. Now he can communicate.

Ms. Yamamoto has created the "Snow White Project" to foster information exchange and help people in "Locked-down syndrome" state.



Her last night's message was:
1) "Those who are born with handicapped genes saved the lives of others in a country in Africa when the entire nation's population was about to be wiped out by Malaria. So that many people are saved by those who are born with handicaps."

2) "Thousands of people in the world are in 'vegetable" state due to accidents or sickness and cannot move and communicate. That includes "Locked-down syndrome". They can understand and hear what's going on around them. There are many methods they can improve and can communicate with others. Please spread the message to others to save those who are in 'vegetable' state."

A full moon was beautiful.


After Kokko-chan talked, Doctor Yutaka Niihara (UCLA Medical professor) had a speech for 10 minutes. He developed the medicine to cure 'sickle red blood cell syndrome' and he is known as the world top-level expert doctor specialized in cancer at UCLA Harbor Medical Hospital in Los Angeles. He joked and talked about how patients families and friends like Kakko-chan will influence the doctors.

There were a speech by Ms. Yasuko Iwasaki, a movie director of "I Blaze A New Trail", a speech by Hiroshi Sakane who is the anthropologist and president of Amano Museum from Lima, Peru, Book Sale of Kakko-chan's books, Book signing, and Coffee Break Chat time with Coffee, Green Tea, and Cookies, as well.

Related Links /関連リンク:
Ikiru-Yasuko Iwasaki's blog

They flew to San Francisco this morning. There will be a seminar and movie screening from 7 pm.

Katsuko Yamamoto, who is called the 'Japanese Mother Teresa', is coming to San Francisco!
Friday, August 3rd at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30pm.

7pm-9:30pm- Film Screening, followed by a brief talk from Katsuko.
9:30-10pm- Book signing.

St. Mary's Cathedral, 1111 Gough St, San Francisco, CA 94109
(intersection of Geary & Gough) Parking is free.

Tickets- $20 (after July 21st)
Information/ Tickets- tel:(415)845-3623 or (415)550-0942

僕のうしろに道はできる 予告編ver1.1/
Movie trailer "I Will Blaze New Trail."


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てんつくマンが来た★ Tentsukuman@LA Live

Tentsukuman LA_122011
Tentsukuman came to LA

His talk show was held in Torrance on Dec.7, 2011 from 7 pm to 10 pm.

His workshop will be held in Lake Forest, Orange county, on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011 from 1 pm to 9 pm.


I attended the talk show on December 7. It was all Japanese without translation. There were around 100 attendants, including a friend from San Diego, ( 2 to 2.5 hours driving on a freeway).


TM4717wHe talked about why he joined Yoshimoto Kogyo and became a comedian, why he made a movie, "107 + 1 ~Make the Heaven", how he reconsidered about his life after a fatal traffic accident while he was collecting funds to make the movie, how he completed a full marathon every day for 30 days to gain confidence, how he became a street poet who writes messages for other people, and how to change your life for the better while you enjoy it fully. He kept talking 3 hours straight without any intermission.

TM4729w『すべてはやるか やらないか。 あきらめるか あきらめないか。』

"Everything comes to 'you do it or you don't do it'. Either you give up or you don't give up."







TM4731w"Life is Good when you over-enjoy it."

Every one has his or her own self-rules.

People who succeeded with their dreams have their self-rules.

"Life offers chances only." by Masanobu Fukushima.
"I never feel down. There are 10,000 ways of solutions to it."

"When you say 'very little, very little' to sufferings. They will be small." by Fumio Nishida. He was a coach for Japanese women softball team when they won an Olympic gold medal.

"Answer 'yes' in 0.2 seconds. When you are asked, you are tested." by Fumiaki Nakamura.

Tentsukuman learned many things from various experiences.
The self-rules changed his life dramatically are:
"Praise yourself, then your talent will bloom into reality!"

"You cannot change your past, but you can change the meanings of your past."

Tentsukuman led us to a short exercise to heal ourselves in the past and change the meanings of them.




TM4741wTentsukuman came to Los Angeles to take Anthony Robbins' 6 day workshop in Palm Dessert being held from Dec. 9th to 14, 2011.

Anthony Robbins was born poor and could not go to college and became a janitor. He thought his favorite occupation is not a janitor. He decided to invest in himself, reducing spending on foods and clothing and took self advancement seminars.

As a result, he became a very successful coach and adviser, his annual bill is over 1 million dollars per a corporation.

He is also famous as a coach of President Bill Clinton when he turned the national budget from loss to surplus in USA.


His talks show ended little after 10 pm. Then, the first 30 people who signed up on that day got "message" on paper. He looks at that person in eyes one by one and gives the message he or she needs the most. My message reservation number was 15.

Tentsukuman's books and goods were sold after the talk show as well.


3 hours of talk show finished in a blink while laughing. Indeed he was a comedian who won "The Best New Face Award" (1991) with his comedy partner, Housei Yamasaki under the group name, "Team-0".


Those of you who missed Tentsukuman's talk show on December 7, 2011, there is "1 Day Workshop with Tentsukuman" on Thursday, December 15, 2011 from 1 pm to 9 pm in Lake Forest, Orange County. The fee is $100 per person.
It will be even powerful, because it's right after Tentsukuman took Anthony Robbin's 6 day workshop.

てんつくマン(軌保博光)の 1日ワークショップ in OC
Tentsukuman's 1 Day Workshop in OC

"Workshop to Create Your Future While Laughing and Enjoying."

Time (日程): 2011-12-15 (Thu) 1 PM to 9 PM 

Place (会場):Chandra Yoga
      9 Orchard Rd., Ste 111, Lake Forest, CA 92830  

To Apply & Contact (申し込み・問い合わせ): Chandra Yoga
   email: chandra@speed.net , www.yogachandra.com

After the workshop, there will be a personal message by Tentsukuman for the first 30 people ($30 per person) for one hour.


てんつくマン☆ワークショップin OC (予告動画)
Tentsuku Man☆Workshop in OC (preview)


「花の美しさを知る人よ。人に届けて、一つ一つの花が今 あなたの力になりたいと 咲いていることを。」
My message:
"You know the beauty of flower. Deliver it to other people. Each flower is blooming and trying to help you."





Tentsukuman took Bashar's channeling session on Dec. 7, 2011 as well.

He asked, "What should people in Fukushima do (after having the nuclear power plant accidents) ?"

Bashar answered, "The children between 3 and 5 years old in Fukushima are re-incarnated souls of those who died with atomic bomb attacks ( in Hiroshima and Nagasaki). So, you can ask those children what we should do."

To people in Fukushima,
"Please ask your children what we should do. And please let me know what the children said."





The message is similar to what I heard on 11-11-11 during Bashar's channeling session.

"Many people that experienced nuclear radiation damage are the people who died with bombs in the World War II in Japan in past lives. They chose to show 'is this what we prefer? There are natural ways of energy.' "

(My intuition told me there are many souls who died in Hiroshima or Nagasaki atomic bomb attacks in their past lives and chose to reincarnate and die with Nuclear power radiation in the present lives.)


Later on, five of us decided to have a late dinner at "Shisen Ramen" near by. 4 minutes later Tentsukuman and his stuff came to join us. There were 16 of us. Luckily, "Shisen Ramen" had just 16 more seats available for seating.





It was fun having Ramen noodle and Gyoza Dumblings with Tentsukuman and his stuff.

His movie, "107 + 1 ~Make the Heaven, Part I" was completed and screened from 2003. I saw the movie in December 2003 in Los Angeles, when his friend, Hiroshi, came to screen the movies in Los Angeles. But it was my first time meeting Tentsukuman.

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福島レポート★ Hiroshi's Fukushima Report 6/25/11
四川塩帆立ラーメン★ Shisen Salt Scallop Ramen 11/15/09

Shisen Ramen
1730 W. Sepulveda Blvd., #6 (at Western Ave.)
Torrance, CA 90501
Tel: 310-534-1698

Mon-Sun 11 am - 2:30 pm
Mon-Fri 5:30 pm - 12:30 am
Sat 5:30 pm - 12 am
Sun 5:30 pm - 9 pm

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桜、地球に感謝★ Cherry Blossom, Gratitude to Earth 3/24/11
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バシャール体験★ Bashar LA, 11-11-11

"2012 Gateway Event with Bashar" was held in Studio City, a suburb of Los Angeles, on Nov. 11, 12, and 13, 2011. I attended the first day, 11-11-2011.

That day was "11-11-11" and also 8 month anniversary from 3-11 Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. I was pulled by the power of "11-11-11", and attended Bashar's live session for the first time.




The theater room of that hotel had 170 seats. There were 190 people, 20 people had no seats. They stood along the walls on the right and left side of the theater. The doors opened at 7 pm. It was supposed to start at 7:30 pm, but delayed 20 minutes due to the over-booking. 

They played a short video clip, and then, Darryl Anka, a medium of Bashar appeared. After a brief meditation and deep breathing, Bashar entered in the body of Darryl.

No photography, video-taping, and recording were allowed during the session. CD's and DVD's of the sessions will be available in December 2011. They were taking orders.


バシャールによると、彼の星の自転は地球の自転とは違うけれど、地球の自転に換算すると、バシャールの誕生日がその日11月11日。彼の名前の1つ "illi"(イリー)は「11-11」を表すとのこと。また11にはパワーがあり、11-11-11と3つぞろ目の今日は次元上昇のパワーを増強させるそう。

Bashar talks very fast with loud emphasizing tone. There is no soft tone in between, so my brain got tired understanding what Bashar's was talking sometimes. Bashar mentioned his planet has a different orbit compared to Earth. But if he converts it to the Earth orbit, his birthday is 11-11. Also one of his middle names is "illi", represents "11-11". "11-11-11" is the gateway to year 2012. It has power to amplify the ascension.





BS4139wThe 11th book of your Bible, ("Books of Kings",) 11th chapter, 11th paragraph, 11th line talks about "transfer of power from the kings to the people".
"Kings are falling, people are rising." That is what happening on this planet now.

It's not negative. It's the idea of urging in a loving way. Time to give up the notion of it's not enough for everyone. Not all of you need the same things.

You need to awaken to the vibration you prefer. Be yourself. It's not the shift. Parallel world doesn't have any change within. Each frame has no motion. You only change yourself.

11-11-11 vibration. Expressing notion of self-expression, truth, and what you believe. Time to shift the power from the few to many. You create the big picture.



BS1029w11-11-11 gateway opens up. You can flow exposing. If you use that 11-11-11 energy, you will amplify and be very creative. Crossing (ascension) means leading edge and catching up to what it should have been.

After the crossing (ascension), there will be slightly more positive energy than before.
Allow yourself to be open to opportunities, to relax your being of yourself. Feel the experience within you.










友人の Kurumi さんが1番に選ばれた。以下彼女が日記に書いた文章を引用します。

質問 「今回の災害について、なぜ日本でなければならなかったのか。 」





B;「それは無い。 個人が「自分自身」であれば、それを他の人に見せて





BS1020wThere was a meditation exercise imagining to write "11" on a piece of paper and placing it in front of a mirror, so you will see "11-11" looking at the paper and the reflection on the mirror. It was complicated, so I will not write it here.

Bashar said, "We call you, the people on Earth as 'Masters of Limitation'. You have so many things that you have to do or you are not supposed to do." You are not yourself in the situations.

During the Q&A session:
Question: One lady asked how to overcome the death of the loved ones.
Bashar answered, "Death is just walking from one room to another. We can constantly communicate with them. Life continues as if there is no after life. There is nothing to be sorrow."

Another lady asked, "I have trouble memorizing people's names. I meet people, but I cannot remember. Is there any solution to this?"

Bashar answered, "On our planet we don't have to memorize anything. We can get the information when we need it, not before and not after. I believe your planet will come up with 'Quantum computer' soon." (He explained more in details.)

Another asked about 3-11-11 Big Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

Bashar answered, "3-11-11 is not technologically engineered."

Questioners during the Q & A sessions are randomly drawn by Darryl Anka. My friend, Kurumi" was chosen as the 6th person to ask questions.

Question: K "About 3-11 disaster, why was it have to be Japan?"

Answer: B "It is due to consciousness of everyone. Collective consciousness of Japan chose to be an example for the world to show the consequences of what will happen with the choices they make (nuclear power). Nuclear power plant accidents had to occur in Japan as the only nation who experienced the atomic bombing. That's why Japan is experiencing how it should choose with nuclear power after the accident. There are many people who will create the ideas of catastrophic tragedies for themselves. But it will be alright. Many people will learn from it in a positive way."

Question K :"Is it going to get worse if people's consciousness did not change?"

Answer B: "It's not a bad thing. It's a change. It's not like nobody making change. Those who are not willing to change to the minds of more harmonious way, the negativeness will be amplified. But those who are willing to change to more harmonious ways, they can create harmonious ways. Remember, there is another Earth represents the choices you make and you prefer. Take actions for the earth you prefer to live."

Question K : "How can they change? So can individual's energy can affect others, right?"

Answer B: "No, they don't. It's only by agreement. There are no victims here. Thinking as victims only amplify being victims. You are all powerful being making choices for yourself. Share ideas with others. Take the actions to be more harmonious to the biological earth being. If they choose to be aligned to your vibrations, they will. Do things that are exciting to you in positive way."

"Many people that experienced nuclear radiation damage are the people who died with bombs in the World War II in Japan in past lives. They chose to show 'is this what we prefer? There are natural ways of energy.' "

Bashar did not mention but my intuition told me there are many souls who died in Hiroshima or Nagasaki atomic bomb attacks in their past lives and chose to reincarnate and die with Nuclear power radiation in the present lives. Their souls are supreme filled with unconditional love. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to them.

Bashar Contact Crystal


It was $175, tax included and came with a 25 to 30 minute DVD for meditation with the crystal. I preordered live session DVD's of 11-11 and 11-12 events, but did not order one for 11-13 event.

Bashar Contact Crystal


There was another crystal made of glass at $40. When I placed the samples, the crystal one had stronger vibrations.
Bashar official site


The session ended around 10:30 pm. It was 11 pm after buying the crystal and ordering DVD's.
Bashar talks very fast, so I could take notes just a little bit. I want to watch the DVDs over and over after being shipped out in Dec. 2011.

Bashar ~ "What you are experiencing now. Parallel Earth?"


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桜、地球に感謝★ Cherry Blossom, Gratitude to Earth 3/24/11
X JAPAN 地震救援★ Yoshiki to Auction Piano 3/19/11

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美肌革命★ "Japanese Skincare Revolution" Seminar

Saeki_img_0002"The Japanese Skincare Revolution"'s author, Chizu Saeki's seminar was held at Torrance Marriot Hotel, sponsored by UTB Japanese TV station, from 1:30 pm to 4 pm on September 18, 2011.


She talked about "Japanese Skincare Revolution" for about 55 minutes. Then, she did some demonstration of basic make-up cleansing and facial with a model. Now she is 68 years old. She is not wearing foundation. It's her natural skin. She never had operations or laser treatments on her face.



She became a facial beautician when she was 20 year old. She married at 24 and started to work for a foreign cosmetics company in Japan. Her husband was being transferred to Concord, California, a suburb of San Francisco. For Chizu, USA is the roots of the make-up and cosmetology. 5 to 6 years ago, she traveled Sedona, San Francisco, Concord, and Los Angels. She was welcomed by the shining sun.

After retiring from the cosmetics company at 60, she started her own facial salon in Ginza and started to write books to tell people how to make the skin beautiful with the make-ups you have. She wrote 40 books so far. They are published in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

"The Japanese Skincare Revolution: How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life--At Any Age" by Chizu Saeki

There were booths of a bookstore, Nikkei News Paper, OZEKI Cosmetics, Shinbi Herb Cosmetics, etc. People could buy their goods before and after the seminar and during the intermission.



SC2630wHow to be beautiful:
1) Change your consciousness that you will be beautiful.
2) Use a free essential oil = Think about the celebrities you like when you apply skin lotion to your face. She loves "Arashi", a Japanese singer group of 5 men. She thinks about each member when she applies skin lotion, etc. She also loves Michael Jackson. She has his posters all over in her room.
3) Use your hands. Put conscious on to your hands, warm skin lotion on your palms, and push 3 times each to apply location on your face. Think about the celebrity you like.

I purchased two pocket-size books. It was $20.50 for two books.


SC2660wI purchased OZEKI Cosmetics trial set at $7.99. Regular price is $21 or $24. It's made of brown rice and amino acids.



あとは、バランスの取れた食事、水を1日1.5 L飲み、充分な睡眠をとり、ローション・パックを毎日してください、とのことでした。

SC2633wNo Photography, video shooting, and recording were allowed during and after the seminar and demonstration.

I could not remember all the skincare advice and demonstration. Chizu said, "Please refer to my books for how to methods. Please buy at least one book for me."

Other things she mentioned was, eat balanced foods, drink at least 1.5 L of water a day, get enough sleep, and do "Lotion Mask" every day. She explains about the "Lotion Mask" in her books.


I believe there were at least 600 seats, and they were full.


There are the make-ups used during the demonstration. She mentioned any kind of cosmetics you have will be OK but to use alcohol free skin lotion.


The details will be broadcast around New Year's Day in 2012 at UTB (18.2) TV channel.

Japanese Skincare Revolution
美肌革命 佐伯チズさん

jn02009--Apr 14, 2009--Japan's leading beauty expert, Chizu Saeki, demonstrates a technique from her book THE JAPANESE SKINCARE REVOLUTION.

"The Japanese Skincare Revolution: How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life--At Any Age" by Chizu Saeki


At the end of the seminar, there were raffle drawings of the gifts donated by the sponsors. 30 people got Kikkoman's "Kara-age seasoning, Panko-seasoning, and flower set". 20 people got "Lucky bags" of Mori New Tofu. A few people got gift certificates of $50, $100, and $250 from "Sushi Toshi" in Little Tokyo. 10 people got Jinseng Socks. 1 person got Ozeki's cosmetic set, $250 value. 1 person got skincare set by Shinbi Cosmetics, valued at $200. There were several other prizes, but I forgot. The grand prize was a massage chair, valued at $2,500. About 100 people won these prizes. I did not win any.

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American Red Cross
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桜、地球に感謝★ Cherry Blossom, Gratitude to Earth 3/24/11
X JAPAN 地震救援★ Yoshiki to Auction Piano 3/19/11

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山川ご夫妻講演会★ Seminar, The Camino, The Secret

"The Camino" was written by Shirley MacLaine and published in original English version in year 2000. I read it right away. It was translated to Japanese by Mr.& Mrs.Kouya & Akiko Yamakawa and published in Japanese in 2001. I read that right away, too. Mr.& Mrs. Kouya and Akiko Yamakawa is having a seminar on Nov.21, 2010 in Los Angeles.
Sunday, Nov 21, 2010 7:15pm~9:15pm (Door Opens 6:45pm)
Miyako Hybrid Hotel
21381 S. Western Ave. Torrance 90501
Advance Ticket $25 or $35 at the door
Contact: Yoko Ano (yokoano11@yahoo.co.jp or tel 626-242-5346 )

"The Camino--A Journey of The Spirit" was Shirley MacLaine's personal journey of "The Camino", a famous pilgrimage that has been taken by people on foot for thousands of years called 'the Santiago de Compostela'. Camino across nothern Spin for 800 km, 500 miles. It is said that the 'Camino' lies directly under the Milky Way and follows ley lines that reflect the energy from those star systems above it.... It was very hard journey for Shirley MacLaine who was over 60 years old and she walked more than 25 km, 16 miles every day.

shirley Maclaine山川さんご夫妻は、シャーリー・マクレーン作『アウト・オン・ア・リム』の翻訳がきっかけで、翻訳業を始めたそう。それまでタブー視されていた輪廻転生や霊的覚醒をうながした本で世界的ベストセラーとなり、1986年日本でも発売されました。


Mr.and Mrs.Yamakawa started translation work with "Out on a Limb" by Shirley MacLaine. It talked about reincarnations and spiritual awakening and became the world best seller, and it was published in Japan in 1986. Until then, reincarnations and spiritual awakening were taboo subjects.

Then, they translated all Shirley MacLaine's spiritual search books, all books of Brian Weise M.D. about his regressional hypnosis, and "The Secret", the world best-seller book.

山川紘矢(やまかわ こうや
翻訳家。1941年11月21日、静岡生まれ。東京大学法学部卒業。大蔵省に入省し、マレーシア、 アメリカなどで海外勤務を重ねる。1987年に退官して翻訳家に。

山川亜希子(やまかわ あきこ

ホームページ 『スピリチュアル・ワールド

シャーリーの本を訳されてから、今年で25年になられるそうです。その間、翻訳された本も50冊以上、メルマガも10000人以上の人に発信されています。私は、お二人の訳が大好きで、読んでいるととても翻訳をされていると思えません。 私がこの「アウト・オン・ア・リム」に出会ったのは、もう22年も昔になりますが、その後、山川紘矢・亜希子訳という本を 本屋でみつけては、次々に読みました。お二人が訳された本は、どれもおもしろいという保障つきのように。。

いつも、「自分がしゃっべっているのだけど、精霊にしゃべらされているんです。」と おっしゃっているので、ご本人たちも、楽しみにされているのだと思います。



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桜、ディクシャ体験★ Deeksha, Cherry Blossom

"Oneness Deeksha Giver Seminar" was held on March 20 and 21, 2010 in at a private home in Gardena. Keiko Iwata, a certified Oneness Deeksha instructor and a spiritual therapist came from Thailand to teach the 2 day course. After the 2 day seminar, we went to Columbia Park, Torrance to see Cherry Blossoms, because Keiko wanted to see them. She was returning to Thailand next morning, and there are no Cherry trees in Thailand.
Keiko is taking cherry blossom photos in a hurry. We planned to have a dinner after this. March 21, 2010, around 5:20 pm.


The Deeksha Oneness Blessing results in a growth in spirit and consciousness. It is an act of energy transfer by touch or by the power or intent, awakening our connection with the oneness in everything and improving mind and body. The Oneness energy transfer was started by a couple, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan in India to release people from sufferings in June, 2004. "Deeksha" comes from traditional method of Yoga and Ayurveda. It's enhanced more by practicing Yoga and meditation. Some say it's similar to Chi of China. The effects on human brains have been scientifically studied and recorded at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and other major universities in USA. UCLA psychologist Matthew Lieberman and his colleagues hooked 30 people up to functional resonance imaging (fMRI) machines, which scan the brain to reveal which parts are active and inactive at any given moment, during meditation, and other time.

Keiko Iwata, a certified Oneness instructor (http://keikoiwata.com/)


The Oneness energy
is energy of "love". When there are conflicts, signals are sent to your brain, and everything falls apart. When there is no conflict with help of Deeksha Oneness, you will be "Self-Healing" and happy. Happy people are healthy.


The Eight Baby Steps:
Knowing the Mantra, Growth Formula, Chakra Meditation, Healing Relationship with Parents, Your Child or Art of Parenting, Healing Relationship with Your Partner/Spouse, Self Expression and Expansion, and Connection with the Higher Self.
"I am that."  「私」=意識 だそう。


I looked hard at my inner self with some meditations and the lecture for 2 days, guided by Keiko. The state of "I don't know (Confused)" is just escaping from the reality.
"I am that."  "I" = "Consciousness"

Your consciousness creates yourself. You will gain more power upon becoming a Deeksha Oneness giver, so be careful not to think any negative thoughts. They might happen soon. Conflicts and confused thoughts and environment will change to something lucky, constructive, creative, repeating, and harmonious, once you connect your thoughts with the Higher self.



Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan say---
"A happy individual creates a happy world,
and an unhappy individual only creates misery around."

The first contribution you can make for the world is to be happy yourself, and you can make people around you happy.


My Review on becoming a Deeksha Giver:
We were given the Higher Deeksha envergy during the last 30 minutes of the seminar. It's 4 minutes per person. My entire body got so hot. I wondered if it's OK to become a Deeksha giver with an easy seminar without much of training. We did not have to memorize several poses nor special breathing techniques like used in Chinese style Chi.

It was a 21 day course in India to be a "Deeksha Giver" when the Oneness University started in June 2004. Some years ago it was shortened to 7 days. And it became a 2 day course from last year. To be an instructor, you needed to attend a Level 1 class for 21 days and a Level 2 class for 21 days in India. Now the 2 day Deeksha Giver courses are offered in many cities in USA for around $200 per seminar. It's also offered in Japan, Thailand, and several other countries.


From January, 2010, the Deeksha Oneness University is spreading the "Deeksha Giver seminars" at a fast pitch because they have a vision to have 700,000 Deeksha Givers by the year 2012. During my 2 day Deeksha giver seminar, there was a worldwide Internet Teleconference meditation and speech by Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. Bhagavan announced they will stop giving "2 day Deeksha Giver seminar" and start a new 3 day seminar. The 3 day seminar will combine, "giver seminar", "Level 1", and "Level 2". The Deeksha Oneness instructors need to attend a seminar to be re-certified for the new 3 day course before teaching "Deeksha Giver" seminars.


Several Hollywood stars took "Deeksha Giver" seminars and became "Deeksha givers. They don't want to make them their spokespersons, so they don't mention it. I was surprised to hear names of famous actresses, such as Meg so-and-so with a last name initial R.

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Brain Scans Reveal Why Meditation Works (UCLA)
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A Bonus Video Clip/おまけ動画
Moola Mantra by Noel / ムーラマントラ (ノエル)

瞑想にピッタシな暖かいムーラマントラ音楽。アーチストはノエル。題名、Nahuel Schrajis。
Great for meditation. Nahuel Schrajis - Oneness Blessing Moola Mantra, posted by Onenessfan on March 6, 2008.http://www.kosmicmusic.com/do/product/KUS-10107

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Dr.龍子と奇跡2★ Dr. Tatsuko Seminar 2

(↓写真:2010年1月24日午後6時半、レドンドビーチにて。Photo:1/24/2010, 6:30pm, Redondo Beach, CA↓)
This continues from the previous blog. "Dr.Tatsuko Martin's Seminar" and a special luncheon were held at Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance on Jan. 24, 2010. I participated both. I will write about how to remove trauma from your subconscious mind, to heal, and what was the way special gift Dr.Tatsuko predicted I will find it within 2 weeks.

Her 4th and 5th books, "How to Make Happy Miracles Come True" and "Miracles Keep Falling On You, If You Change Your Night Life."

1) 内面から:インナーチャイルドを癒す。
まず、自分のトラウマを見つける。子供の時家族から、学校で、『〇〇〇 ちゃんは、〇〇〇がダメだから。』などと云われたことが潜在意識に残っている。



どうして? なぜ今頃? などとやらないこと。

How to remove trauma from your subconscious mind---------
1) From Inner side: Heal Your Inner Child.
"Inner Child" is your affliction. It's easier to visualize a person to heal your mind.
First, you need to find your trauma. Since your child days at home and at school, " Lisaky is no good at this and that," etc., repeatedly somebody mentioned that to you, and it stays in your subconscious mind.

Close your eyes and say, "Lisaky (Your First Name), Sorry for making you suffer until now. Thank You. Please forgive me. I will be good to you from now on."

Some Child (Inner Child) might release anger. Let her or him release the anger.
If you write a journal, you will feel down. Run fast, Hit a cushion, Hit a punching bag, etc. Then, the anger will be released.

Don't ask "Why?", "Why now ?", etc.

Tears might come out all of sudden. If you are working or meeting somebody outside, rush to a bathroom and cry.

2) 外観から:自分のお部屋を変える。
A. 心にぽっかり穴があいている = 部屋が殺風景 =男性/女性 にしがみつく。
B. 物で一杯の部屋 (パック・ラット)=何かを捨てられない=過去を捨てられない=何でもためこむ。
C. 暗い部屋で窓も開けない =精神的に暗く、喜怒哀楽に乏しい=かなり精神的にまいってる。
D. 汚くてほこりだらけ =悩みやストレスで一杯。集中力がない。


2) from Outside: Change Your Room.
"How does your room look?"
Everything you do is shown in your room.
A. Your mind is empty, just like there is a hole in it. = Nothing and no decoration in the room = You will cling to a guy/ woman.
B. Your room is full of items (Pack Rat) = You cannot throw away something = You cannot throw away your past = You accumulate everything.
C. Dark room and not opening the windows = Your mentality is dark and you don't express your feelings = Your mentality is damaged severely.
D. Messy and Dusty Room = You are full of worries and stress. No focus.

Change and Clean up Your Room. But don't do it too much at once. Don't be a perfectionist and get hurt.
Arrange your favorite flower, and or fragrance (lavender is good) in your room.


ロサンゼルスにはほぼ毎日発刊されている新聞日刊サン(The Japanese Daily Sun)という無料新聞があります。1984年創業で日本の『サンスポ』特約です。他に戦前から続く羅府新報という日系米人と日本人のための有料日英新聞があります。


Here is about Dr. Tatsuko's message she wrote on my book on Jan. 24, 2010, "You will find the way special gift within 2 weeks."

There is a daily free Newspaper called, "Nikkan San" (The Japanese Daily Sun) in Los Angeles. It's been published almost every day since 1984 with sports and entertainment news articles distributed by "Sankei Sports News" in Japan. Besides that, there is ""Rafu Shimpo" (Los Angeles Japanese Daily News), fee based Newspaper being published since pre-World War II era in Los Angeles in English and Japanese for Japanese American and Japanese people.

"Nikkan San" (The Japanese Daily Sun) has "New Year Give-Away Quiz" with all kinds of gorgeous prizes every year. My family member won the 3rd prize, Zojirushi IH Pressure Rice Cooker (Retail value $500). The winners were announced on the newspaper on Jan. 25, 2010 issue. That was the 'way special gift'.

今年の『日刊サン』お正月特集号お年玉クイズ( 左)と象印圧力炊飯器(定価500ドル)。
This year's "New Year Give-Away Quiz" of "Nikkan San" (Left) and Zojirushi IH Pressure Rice Cooker, Retail value $500 (Right).


We could pick it up on Feb. 1, 2010 at the office of "Nikkan San" (The Japanese Daily Sun). Dr. Tatsuko's prediction on Jan. 24, 2010, "You will find a way special gift in 2 weeks." came true.


Also Dr. Tatsuko talked about her new book, "Miracles Keep Falling On You, If You Change Your Night Life."
When your morning awakening is comfortable, your entire day will be good and comfortable. To make the morning awakening good, you need to improve your night life, the night before the morning. Don't watch TV news at night before going to bed and in the morning right after you woke up, because "TV news is full of sad stories."


At night, enjoy taking a bath, aromatic fragrances, relax, watching funny comedy shows, etc. Sad TV programs are not good. Some shows that give you energy and hopes will be good. If you cannot take a bath every day, try to enjoy it once a week, at least.

龍子先生は臨床心理学とビジネス・コーチング&カウンセリングをロス郊外Encinoにて開業されています。連絡先は "Dr.Tatsuko Martin"ホームページをご覧ください。今年日本で大ブレークしそうな龍子先生の今後が楽しみです。

Dr. Tatsuko has her Coaching & Counseling, Psychological and Business, office in Encino, Los Angeles suburb. For her contact info., please see "Dr.Tatsuko Martin" homepage. She will be very popular in Japan this year. I am looking forward to seeing her success in the future.

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A Bonus Video Clip/おまけ動画
♥♫ OMAR AKRAM - Dancing with the wind ♥♫ /
♥♫ オマー・アクラム --風と共に踊る ♥♫

Enjoy the beautiful music and flower photos. Video posted by NEWoceanflower2008, Nov. 13, 2008.

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Dr.龍子と奇跡1★ Dr. Tatsuko Seminar 1

"Dr.Tatsuko Martin's Seminar" and a special luncheon were held at Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance on Jan. 24, 2010. I participated both. Last week I wrote about the luncheon at "Gonpachi Torrance" here, today I will write about the seminar.

The seminar's hall opening was 9:30 am and starting was 10 am. I got there little early, got her book, "How to Make Happy Miracles Come True" and waited for my turn to get her autograph on the book. The book was originally published in February 2008. When my turn came, I got a photo taken with Dr.Tatsuko and her autograph on the book. She wrote a unique message to each person as she got it by inspiration.
Dr. Tatsuko Martin (Right) and Lisaky, an author.



Dr. Tatsuko Martin's seminar was about crossing over her 4th and 5th books, "How to Make Happy Miracles Come True" and "Miracles Keep Falling On You, If You Change Your Night Life."
She is publishing her 6th book "How To Marry Your Soul Mate (draft title)" in May and her 7th book "Book of Inspiration (draft title)" in July, possibly starting her own TV talk show in Japan, and starting to write a monthly article in monthly magazine "PHP" this year. The TV talk show and PHP magazine articles are under way, but they have not bee finalized, yet.

Several years ago while she lived in San Francisco, she told her friend, "I want to be a newspaper columnist". Some years later she moved to Los Angeles, and she got an offer to write her weekly column on "Rafu Shimpo" Japanese American local News Paper.


Some years ago, she told her friend "I want to publish my books." Her friend knew a publisher in Japan, then, she got an offer to publish her books.
As a human being, you get negative messages such as, "I am not good." But if you remove trauma from your subconscious mind and make positive affirmations, you can make happy miracles come true.



Dr. Tatsuko wrote on my book:
Lisaky san,
Thank you for your beautiful spirit!
You will find yourself a way special gift within 2 weeks.
Dr.Tatsuko Martin.

It was little before 10 am on Jan. 24, 2010. A seminar went on until 12 pm, and there was a special luncheon until little after 2 pm.
I had an afternoon tea with friends at Mitsuwa Market Torrance, next door, and picked up "Nikkan San" local newspaper I found there. The newspaper gave me a hint about that special gift. I found myself that special gift 8 days later. Dr. Tatsuko's prediction came true.

I will write about the way special gift, how to remove your trauma and to heal in the next article. Stay tuned until then....

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A Bonus Video Clip/おまけ動画
Indian Waterfall Relaxation /

癒し系のきれいな滝の映像と音です。2007年12月20日 healinghandsreikiさん掲載。
Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation This waterfall is on the Colorado river in the US.
Video posted by healinghandsreiki, Dec. 20, 2007.

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